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  • Battery chargers are specifically designed for each battery brand and model. We offer a wide range of battery charger replacements which can charge the batteries of most battery models. click the hyperlink, you will find all selected brand's battery machine model numbers, original battery part numbers and original battery charger part numbers with which we have compatible battery chargers.
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    Select by original charger's part number
    200483 BCS-1 F-2AC LI-30C
    LI-40C PS-BCS-1   
    Select OLYMPUS Battery Charger by Part number
    BCL-1 BCM-5 BLL-1 BLM-1 BLS-1
    CR-2 CR123A CR2 DL123A LB-01
    LB01 LI-10B LI-10C LI-12B LI-20B
    LI-30B LI-40B LI-42B LI-50B LI-60B
    Select OLYMPUS Battery Charger by Model
    µ 1030SW µ 1060 µ 1200 µ 5000
    µ 7000 µ 7010 µ 720 µ 725SW
    µ 730 µ 740 µ 750 µ 760
    µ 770SW µ 780 µ 820 µ 830
    µ 840 µ 850SW µ 9000 µ TOUGH-6000
    µ TOUGH-8000 µ-550WP μ TOUGH-6020 μ TOUGH-8010
    μ Metal μ Zoom 130 μ-1 μ-2
    μ-7020 μ-II μ-II 110 μ-II 115VF
    μ-II 170VF μ-II 80VF μ-II Limited μ-II Zoom
    μ-II Zoom 80 Panorama μ-II Zoom VF μ-III 120 μ-III 135
    μ-III 150 μ-III 150 QD μ-III 170 μ-III 80
    μ-III wide 100 μ-III Wide 100 QD μ-III Wide 80 μ-Panorama
    μ-V μ-V105 μ-Zoom 105 μ-Zoom 105 Deluxe(L)
    μ-Zoom 115 μ-Zoom 115 Deluxe μ-Zoom 140 μ-Zoom 140VF
    μ-Zoom 170 μ-Zoom 70 μ-Zoom 80 μ-Zoom Wide 80
    μ-Zoom Wide 80 Deluxe µ 1000 µ 1010 µ 1040
    µ 1050 SW µ 600 µ 700 µ 710
    µ 720SW µ 790SW µ 795SW µ 810
    µ Digital 500 µ Digital 600 µ Digital 800 µ TOUGH-3000
    µ-10 Digital µ-15 Digital µ-20 Digital µ-25 Digital
    µ-30 Digital µ-300 Digital µ-40 Digital µ-400 Digital
    µ-410 µ-410 Digital µ-5010 µ-7030
    µ-7040 µ-9010 µ-Ferrari µ1020
    μ-mini Digital μ-mini Digital S -10 DIGITAL -15 DIGITAL
    -40 DIGITAL -400 DIGITAL -410 -410 DIGITAL
    600 800 810 ACCURA VIEW ZOOM 120 QD
    ACCURA VIEW ZOOM 90 QD Accura Zoom 105 Accura Zoom 120 Accura Zoom 130s
    Accura Zoom 130s QD Accura Zoom 80s Accura Zoom 90 AF-1 Twin
    AF-10 Super AF-10 Twin AF-10XB AM-100
    AZ-1 AZ-2 AZ-2 Zoom AZ-200
    AZ-210 AZ-220 AZ-300 AZ-330
    AZ-4 BH941P (Ice-Cream Ma) C-2040 C-2040Z
    C-21 C-2100 C-2100UZ C-211
    C-211Z C-3000 C-3000Z C-3020
    C-3020Z C-3030 C-3030Z C-3040
    C-3040Z C-4000 C-4000Z C-4040
    C-4040Z C-5050 C-5050Z C-5060 Wide Zoom
    C-55 C-5500 Sport Zoom C-700 C-700UZ
    C-7070 Wide Zoom C-720 C-720UZ C-730
    C-730UZ C-740 C-740UZ C-750
    C-750UZ C-8080 Wide Zoom C3000 C3040
    C740 C750 Camedia C-470 Zoom Camedia C-50 Zoom
    Camedia C-5000 Zoom Camedia C-60 Zoom Camedia C-70 Zoom Camedia C-7000
    Camedia C-7000 Zoom Camedia C-760 Ultra Zoom Camedia C-765 Ultra Zoom Camedia C-770 Ultra Zoom
    Camedia D-590 Zoom Camedia u-15 Digital Camedia u-20 Digital Camedia u-25 Digital
    Camedia X-1 Camedia X-2 Camedia X-3 Camedia X-500
    Camedia X-600 Centurion Centurion S Citia 160
    D-100 D-150/C1D-230 D-230 D-370
    D-380 D-390 D-40 D-40Z
    D-460 D-460Z D-490 D-490Z
    D-510 D-520Z D-550Z D-560Z
    D-630 Zoom D390 D510 D520
    D530 D550 D560 D565
    E-10 E-100RS E-20 E-20N
    E-3 E-30 E-400 E-420
    E-450 E-520 E-600 E-620
    E-P1 E-PL1 ES7801S (Shaver) EVOLT E-300
    EVOLT E-330 EVOLT E-410 EVOLT E-500 EVOLT E-510
    FE-150 FE-150 Zoom FE-160 FE-190
    FE-20 FE-200 FE-220 FE-220D
    FE-230 FE-240 FE-250 FE-280
    FE-290 FE-300 FE-3000 FE-3010
    FE-320 FE-330 FE-340 FE-350
    FE-350 Grand Angle FE-350 Wide FE-360 FE-370
    FE-4000 FE-4010 FE-4020 FE-4030
    FE-4040 FE-4050 FE-5000 FE-5010
    FE-5020 FE-5030 FE-5040 FE-5050
    FE-5500 Ferrari Digital Model 2004 HLD-2 I 100 AF
    I Snap I Zoom 2000 I Zoom 3000 I Zoom 60
    I Zoom 75 I Zoom 75VF I-10 i:robe IR-500
    Infinity 105QD Infinity 210 Panorama Infinity 220 Panorama Infinity 80 QD
    Infinity Stylur Epic Infinity Twin Infinity XB Infinity Zoom 105 QD
    Infinity Zoom 200 Infinity Zoom 210 Infinity Zoom 230 Infinity Zoom 80QD
    IR-300 IR-500 IS-1 IS-10
    IS-100 IS-1000 IS-10DLX IS-2
    IS-200 IS-2000 IS-20QD IS-3
    IS-30 AF IS-30 DLX IS-300 IS-3000
    IS-3DLX IS-5 IS-500 IS-5000
    IS-5000QD IS-50QD IS-DLX IX-20DLX
    L5 LT 1 LT 105 LT Zoom 105
    LT Zoom 105QD MJU 10 MJU 20 MJU 300
    MJU 400 MJU 410 Digital MJU Ferrari Newpic M10
    Newpic XB Newpic XB AF Newpic Zoom 600 OZ130
    QM-4T SP-700 SP-800UZ Stylus 100 Wide
    Stylus 1000 STYLUS 105 Stylus 105Z STYLUS 120
    Stylus 1200 Stylus 120QD Stylus 120Z Stylus 300 Digital
    Stylus 400 Digital Stylus 410 Digital Stylus 500 Stylus 500 Digital
    Stylus 600 Digital Stylus 7010 Stylus 710 Digital Stylus 720 SW
    Stylus 730 Stylus 740 Stylus 750 Stylus 760
    Stylus 770 SW Stylus 780 Stylus 790SW Stylus 800
    Stylus 800 Digital Stylus 810 Stylus 810 Digital Stylus 820
    Stylus 830 Stylus 840 Stylus 850 SW Stylus C-50
    STYLUS EPIC Stylus Epic Zoom 115 QD Stylus Epic Zoom 170 Stylus Epic Zoom 170 QD
    STYLUS EPIC ZOOM 80 Stylus Infinity 70Q Stylus Infinity Zoom Stylus Infinity Zoom 115
    Stylus Infinity Zoom 140 Stylus Select 105 Stylus TOUGH-6000 Stylus TOUGH-8000
    Stylus u-410 Digital Stylus Verve 800 Stylus Verve Digital Stylus Verve Digital S
    Stylus Zoom 105 Stylus Zoom 115VF STYLUS ZOOM 140 Stylus-9000
    Super AZ-100 Zoom Super AZ-110 Zoom Super AZ-210 Zoom Super AZ-230 Zoom
    Super AZ-300 Zoom Super Infinity Zoom 105 Super Infinity Zoom 110 Super Infinity Zoom 120
    Super Infinity Zoom 2800 Super Infinity Zoom 300 Super Infinity Zoom 3000 Super Infinity Zoom 330
    Super Infinity Zoom 3500 Super Zoom 105 Super Zoom 105G Super Zoom 110
    SUPER ZOOM 115 Super Zoom 120 SUPER ZOOM 120 SF Super Zoom 130S
    Super Zoom 140S Super Zoom 2800 Super Zoom 3500 Super Zoom 70G
    Super Zoom 80 Wide Super Zoom 80G SUPERZOOM 160 SUPERZOOM 80G
    SZ-30MR T-100 T-110 TG-310
    TG-610 Tough 725SW Tough 770SW Tough TG-810
    TRIP 505 Trip AF Mini Trip AF Mini II Trip MD2
    u (mju) DIGITAL 500 u DIGITAL 500 u DIGITAL 600 u DIGITAL 800
    VG-110 VG-120 VG-130 VG-140
    VIEW ZOOM 120 View Zoom 80 Voice-Trek DM-10 Voice-Trek DM-20
    Voice-Trek DM-30 VR-310 VR-320 VR-330
    X-36 X-785 X-790 X-795
    X-800 X-905 X-915 X-920
    X-935 X-940 X-960 X-970
    XB QD XZ-1